Want more followers on Instagram?

Course you do! We all do! We’re running small businesses here and using Instagram to market our wares…

But as you know, the important thing is not the number of followers, but that they’re the right followers. 

JLo, don’t worry; I got you.

Let’s say you’re selling dog treats, but everyone who follows you likes cats. They’re not gonna buy your treats…

So we have to reach the right people, and Instagram will help us to do it, IF we tell Instagram who we’re trying to reach…

And that’s where SEO comes in. Search Engine Optimisation.

Instagram uses SEO to work out what your post is all about, and who it should show it to.

So how do we make use of SEO?

And we tap into SEO by using KEYWORDS.

In the simple dog treat example above, the key words could be things like, dog, dog mum, dog treats, doggy, puppy, puppy treats, cavapoo etc

It works just like a Google search, so you basically have to think about what words would people type into Google, if they were searching for your business.

And then you simply need to pack your captions, with keywords.

Take at look at this caption I wrote for instagram; the first one, is the first draft I wrote, the second has more keywords in it:

You can guess who I’m trying to reach on Insta right?!

So how can you use this to help you to find more followers on Instagram?

Grab a pen and a piece of paper, and write down all the words associated with your small business, the words that people would use to search for you and your business. And make a point of including these words in your captions, in your Reels text, and use them to identify which hashtags you should also include.

Give this a go for a month and see if it has any impact on your growth. Remember to track those metrics!

As always, any questions, DM me via Insta!

Suze 🫶🏽

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