The best way to get followers on Instagram is by creating content that speaks directly to your Ideal Follower.

What do I mean by that?

There’s an old marketing phrase which is:

When we market to everyone, we market to no one.

So we need to 1. think about what our ideal follower really needs or wants, what they desire (you’ll often hear people talk about this as your follower’s pain points). And 2. use that to HOOK them into our content.

What’s a HOOK?

A hook is basically a short phrase that we use at the start of our Instagram caption, and / or on the image or Reel that grabs the potential follower’s eye.

These are a few of the hooks that I’ve used on Reels recently:


I work as an Instagram Coach helping other small business owners harness the power of Instagram, to grow their audiences online to increase sales and bookings IRL. So I’m always working out how to get more followers on Instagram too!

Here’s what I know about my Ideal Follower:

They run a small business. They want to use Instagram. They’d like to grow their following (which usually translates into growing customers or clients – which in truth is different to just a follower). They’re probably short on time. They’re not quite at the stage of hiring a full time social media manager but they would like some guidance on how to get the most out of Instagram.

Take another look at the HOOKS I typed on on my Reels; they are speaking directly to my ideal Instagram follower’s needs:

Are you a small business owner with no time? Yes! You’ll probably keep watching.

Would you like more followers? Yes! Or more customers? Oooo what’s the difference? You’ll probably keep watching.

Do you want to make Reels that reach your Ideal Follower? Yes! Okay here’s the secret… You’ll probably keep watching….

So how do you use this for your small business Instagram content?

Take this phrase: If you X then Y and apply it to the ideal follower of your small business.

X = the pain point. The thing your ideal follower really needs.

Y = the solution you offer to this problem. Your service, or your product.

Can I have some examples?

No problem! I got you:

Beauticians / beauty salons / online beauty shops

If you’re not going abroad till August? Our new spray tan will give you that safe summer glow through all of July!

Hairdressers / hair salons

If you need a summer refresh, book in and go blonde / book that balayage!

Yoga / wellness / Pilates teachers

If you’re looking for some peace and quiet, have we got the Sunday session for you

Sleep coaches

If your toddler is sleep regressing, I have the best 3 step method to send them back to slumberland.

What they need then what you do.

But can you see how we played with it a little to make it interesting? We didn’t just write: you like coffee; we have coffee. Though actually that’s kinda cool as a phrase eh?!

Grab a pen, and a piece of paper, and write down everything you know about your Ideal Follower, especially those pain points, exactly what they need. Then grab that HOOK: If you X then Y.

And that my friend, will reach your ideal follower.

Suze 🫶🏽

PS did you notice that throughout I always referred to them as your Ideal Follower? That’s because anyone can follow you, any old random person right? But if you can reach you ideal follower, the person who needs the thing that you sell? That’s how they go from being a follower to a customer…. Follow this rule; this is how you get followers on Instagram.

PPS If you’d like 101 hooks to try on your posts that will help you to get more followers on Instagram just click here for a freebie!


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