How Often Do You Post on Instagram?

You don’t have to post on the grid everyday! There I said it! 🙊😂

But for small business owners it is good practise to post to Stories everyday.

Everyday Suze?! Yup! And here’s why:

This is where your most loyal followers show up. And consistency nurtures loyalty! By showing up every day, you stay top of their minds, build deeper connections, and foster a community that trusts and loves your brand. Your small business becomes their go to.

Plus, Instagram Stories offer tonnes of interactive features to make your content engaging and fun.

So what are you going to post?

This is where you can inject some personality and let people know the person behind the business. Throw Backs are great here for this! Talk people through the early days of your small business, just one post, one picture, and a bit about what you were up to.

Stories are always a great place for behind the scenes. People are inherently very nosy! We love to know what’s going on! A quick video of your work set up, or a new service or product etc… people love a #bts 🙌🏽

Or share what’s coming up this month: a new product, service, appointment cancellations, menu items etc… These are great Stories for popping in your Story Highlights so people can easily see new dates or product launches etc…

And don’t forget to use all the interactive stickers that Insta gives us to play with.

Use the poll sticker, even if it’s for something silly! It gets people engaging and tells the algorithm to push your story out… Or ask your audience for advice or feedback with the questions sticker. Let your followers feel like they are part of your small business.

It might feel like a lot to post on stories every day. But remember they disappear after 24 hours. So they don’t have to be as polished as something that lives on the grid. You can even have a graphic that you create in for example Canva, that has testimonials and reviews on them; these are great for keeping a regular story going out, and can even be scheduled in an app like Later or in Meta Business Suite.

I’m thinking of creating something to help you out with your stories. If that’s something you’d be interested in, just drop me a DM on Insta.

Suze 🫶🏽

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