Why use Instagram for your small business social media marketing?


Instagram is the world’s second favourite social media platform (behind WhatsApp).
It has 2 billion active monthly users – that’s a LOT of people you could potentially be reaching each month!
62.4% of people research brands on Instagram before buying from them – and if your target audience is Gen Z (that’s people currently aged 12-27) then 40% of them use Instagram to search over using Google – and that stat came from Google themselves!
And, it’s free to use! All it takes it time, and a bit of knowledge – and that’s where I come in!
Social Media apps are fast-changing and ever-changing! So keeping on top of the best way to use them, and how to reach your ideal customer is like a full time job in itself!
And most small business owners are already fairly stretched with few spare hours in their day. So please don’t try to do it all alone. Let me help.
Think of me as your Instagram Coach in your pocket – well in your phone!
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Now, let’s get your Instagram account to be the best it can be.
Suze 🫶🏽

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